The Midas Touch: Hollywood Interior Designer Cliff Fong

In the thick of awards season, it’s prime time we caught up with interior designer to the stars, Cliff Fong. The January issue of Previews® Inside Out features an insightful interview with Fong, in which he shares his perspective on design excellence in glittering Los Angeles.

Influenced by his background in fashion, Fong likens decorating a room to getting dressed in the morning, and in a town known for it’s red carpet wardrobe, there couldn’t be a more appropriate analogy.

golden_kitchenBut, the film allusions don’t stop there! Fong also says that if he is not designing “within the soul of the house,” then it is just set decorating.  While set decorating is certainly an art–in fact, one worthy of prestigious awards–what Fong speaks to is upholding the authenticity of a home’s character, a quite noble mission.

With celebrity clients like Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi and Ryan Murphy, Fong has stories as great as the ones his clients play on-screen. From tracking down a Jean Prouvé chair at Art Basel, to redoing a room he had just completed, this interview with the designer with the golden touch is a blockbuster in it’s own right. To read the complete article, visit Previews® Inside Out, or to search for a red-carpet ready home of your own, visit

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